In everyday life, we experience dumb things like getting locked out of a car or placing car keys somewhere and not finding them on time. Car keys are just like your normal keys that get misplaced quite often. These things may count as dumb, but this is normal in every household. Other house or office locks are easy to override with the help of some tools at home or you could just call up the OKC Locksmith in town to help you out. But car’s locks are different than your usual residential locks. The car companies put their very secure lock system in their cars so that no one can take advantage of their hi-tech. They are more advanced and harder to crack and even a glitch in their security system could get it locked permanently. Despite these amazing security features, there are times when your kid could get your keys locked in the car, or you could get your car key stuck in the ignition. If you end up in one of those situations, then there is good news that you can rely on your local locksmith company. OKC Locksmith can handle your situation and get your lock fixed in the minimum time. But getting your car lock fixed isn’t like any other task. You might be thinking how much it will cost if you get your car lock fixed from the Key experts in OKC

There are different rates and costs to open different sorts of automotive locks. Sometimes, the cost could vary depending on the complexity of the car lock while most of the time, there is the same issue, so the rates are normal. Here, we have managed to share the average cost to open different locks in a car. Have a detailed look down below:

Average Cost for a Locksmith to Open a Car Door

One of the most common automotive locks that get locked in the cars are door locks.Although different cars, their model and their security systems could have been very different from each other but when there is a professional locksmith in your area, they can get the door lock sorted out quickly. Usually, locksmiths charges around $50 to $250 to open a car door lock. This could also depend on the condition of a car. If your car is in good shape and there is less work needed on your door lock, then it might get done in less fee. If the door lock of your car is locked by accident, it might open easily but if your key has been stuck in the door lock then there might be other lock cleaning services you have to consider. Finally,once your door lock is opened and the stuck key is been removed, you can ask the Locksmith Oklahoma City to make you an extra key in exchange for the original one. This might add some extra charges to your fee along with other services.

Keys Locked in Trunk

Another common lock issue is jammed trunk lock. People usually get it open to take out a few supplies, the next thing you know is that it’s been deadlocked. In the heat of the moment,you have put your keys here along with other supplies because you didn’t want to lose them but now, they end up in the dead zone. And if you happen to have some old Maserati or Cadillac, it would be harder to get it open. You need to find a locksmith near me because you can’t really drive without your keys. So, find a local locksmith OKC OK who provides mobile locksmith services. They will come to you and check out the problem and fix your truck lock in just a few minutes.

The cost here also depends on the complexity of the task. If it is not easily opened and being the deadlock, you will have to pay a little more for their extra efforts. But your keys will come in handy when it is opened so $50 to $250 are worth it.

Problems with the Ignition Switch

The Ignition switch is one of the main things you need to drive a car, but they have a way to worn out when you use keys roughly. If you experience problems with your ignition switch,be sure to call out an OKC Locksmith service as they can install, repair, or rekey ignition switches in all sorts of vehicles. This service will cost you from $80 to $120 on average.

Broken Keys

There are times when you break off either your car keys or your lock. These are a bit complicated situation because this not only damages the car key but also damage the whole lock. And under these circumstances, you will have to pay more than the usual fee.Unfortunately, there may come a time when your key breaks off in the lock of your car.When this happens, you get locked out of your vehicle. In these cases, the locksmiths OKC OK will have to remove the broken key from the lock or ignition and fix the broken lock. If your keys have been damaged in this process, they will try to repair them but if too much damage is done, they will suggest the new key. Because if you keep using the broken key, it might result in broken or stuck ignition in the future. So, ask your locksmith to make you anew key for convenience.

Getting a new key along with lock or ignition fixing could be an expensive deal if you have done too much damage. Otherwise, it would take from $35 to $150.

Lost Keys

Losing your keys is the ultimate problem. You wake up late and while getting ready, you realize you don’t remember your keys putting on the stand last night. Where did they go?Who misplaced them and more importantly how are you going to get to the office now? This happens to so many people than anyone can realize. Well, if you have been the one who has lost the car keys then it is time to call the mobile locksmith OKC. You need to have your door lock rekeyed because it is your best chance unless you got any spare key lying around in some drawer. If you hire Locksmith Oklahoma City, their staff can help you rekey your car door and for that, you can expect $40 to $100 as service charges.Usually, rekeying is easy and quick as compared to other car lock issues, but you have to tell  the service provider about your car model and company for better understanding. Plus, you may have to pay a little more for this service if you call the locksmith on an emergency basis or on any holiday.

Issues with Transponder Keys

Some modern-day vehicles come with the transponder keys. These keys are different than the conventional car keys as they have a different kind of hi-tech chip inside them that enables the driver to drive the car. These transponder keys come with their own issue at times like  running out of battery power right when you have to go out or sometimes their program gets disturbed or won’t work correctly. All these situations leave you empty-handed when you have to go somewhere important. The locksmith OKC can help you with transponder key issues as well. You have to contact them through their website or through call. They will come and check the issue and fix its programming. This may take a few minutes or a few hours,but this will take only a few dollars ranging from $50 to $75.

Keyless Entry Lockout

The new cars have bio metric security systems that allow the driver to take the wheel but since technology has a way of getting blocked sometimes. In some situations, people get stuck in their cars. With keyless entry, there is no key to use, and if you are stuck you definitely need to call the Locksmiths in OKC OK to get it fixed by reprogramming it. This reprogramming could be expensive if you have an expensive model. So, the OKC locksmith service company will cost you ranging between $50 and $500.


One thing that you have to consider before hiring the Mobile Locksmith Services is their reputation. You wouldn’t want to hire any service company that doesn’t have any prior records of fixing automotive locks. Surely, nobody wants to take the risk of damaging their vehicle on the hands of an unknown locksmith. You would want to look for a locksmith near me, a local mobile locksmith company that has a good reputation around. If you live in or around Oklahoma City, then Locksmith Oklahoma City is your best bet in these car door situations. They have professional staff, they are licensed and have been in this business for quite some time. Handing your car over to them would mean they won’t damage it further and fix it with complete and utter transparency. Hiring a well-known local service company could also cost you a little more as compared to mediocre service locksmith companies. We understand that dealing with a car lock is quite the effort however a trusted service company can really make it easy.